Less than two miles from Strong Hospital in Rochester, NY, there are about 500,000 busy bees making honey. Twice a year I go into my back yard and harvest the honey from my hives. I separate the honey from the comb, strain it and put it into 12 oz bottles.

My bees are of different types. A few are New World Carniolan another is a Russian mix, known for their hardiness and gentleness, and their rich dark color. Two other hives are Golden Italians of the variety called Minnesota Hygienic. These bees are also gentle and produce lots of honey. They sometimes don’t make it through cold winters. I have one hive where the Italian Queen mated with a Russian drone and produced a mixed hive. These bees are a little more aggressive, but they are strong and make lots of honey.



Photo Credits
Dandelion and bee by Melanie Major / CC-BY-SA-2.0
Mesilas kärg by Mariakeernik / CC-BY-SA-3.0