Brighton Honey Swarm Rescue

I can remove bees before they become established. If they are still in a big clump, the bees are harmless. They do not like to sting when they are swarming. If you swat them or try to brush them with a broom they might sting, but generally, they are busy finding a place to live and they will ignore you.

A happy and successful honey bee hive will swarm. This is the way hives reproduce. The hive raises a new queen and then the successful queen heads out into the wild with a swarm of 20,000 bees to find a new place to live. It is natural.

Swarms of honey bees, though, often find their new home in a house or a tree near a house where they are not welcome.

Let me Rescue the Bees

It is expensive to hire an exterminator and unless they get the queen, the hive will not die. You do not want to spray your house with poisons. Why not let a beekeeper come and rescue your bees? I’ll box them up, take them away, and give them a good home.

I remove honey bee SWARMS for free not established honey bee hives in a structure! If you have an established hive I can give an estimate for removal.

See swarm image below
I am not a licensed exterminator.

How to tell if you have honey bees.

Bees can be pests and there are lots of wild bees that sting and invade human space. Most of these are NOT honey bees.

Honey bees are brown or golden brown. They have furry little bodies. They are not fat, or shiny. They do not live in the ground or make paper nests or mud nests. They do not make holes in wood.

This is what a honey bee looks like:

A honey bee is about 1/2 inch long. See the fur? Wasps have no fur on their bodies.

A swarm may look like this in a tree:
Bee swarm in tree

or this on a house:
Bee swarm under eave

Bees like hollow trees and tight places under the eaves.

If you have a swarm Call Ward at

Call me 585-376-0930
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I work on weekdays, but I can get to your house when I get home (around 5 pm) or on the weekend. I can only do bees in Rochester, NY; Monroe County, and perhaps surrounding counties as long as it is not too far.

Things that are not Honey Bees

THESE ARE NOT HONEY BEES. Don’t call me if the bees look like this:
Yellow jacket nest Yellowjacket Yellow jacket nest Mudwasp nest Wasps in nest Carpenter bee