Pure, raw unfiltered,
organic local honey
with no preservatives, pesticides, or antibiotics.
At Brighton Honey we are passionate about honey and pride ourselves at producing a natural
local honey
without chemicals, antibiotics or pesticides.  It is organic, raw, local honey from my hives in Rochester NY. If you are looking for honey please contact us or you can purchase honey online. If you want stop by to purchase honey and you can see the bees hard at work. Brighton Honey is 100% pure raw and unfiltered and is all natural, and I do not medicate my bees. If you hold the honey up to the sunlight you can see tiny specs of pollen grains and tiny pieces of white beeswax, something that missing in processed or imported honey typically from the supermarket, that’s
raw honey


Some interesting honey facts, since honey is a natural plant product gathered by bees; Local raw unprocessed honey is: Naturally vegan; naturally kosher; naturally organic; and amazingly a near zero carbon footprint source of concentrated energy!Humans have been consuming honey for thousands of years and in the geological infancy of hominids honey would have been the only significant source of concentrated energy available. Honey was highly sought after and was considered an extremely extravagant gift in early civilizations. Honey has been used for medical purposes, trade, fermented as a beverage and of course to sweeten tea. Honey is a gathered as a crop by unique farmers call Beekeepers and the farm is called an Apiary. Beekeeping is the process of providing essential shelter and security for bees saving them work and energy. This protection and tending allows for the robbing of honey for human consumption.

Be nice to bees! Unlike other bee-like insects honeybee are vegetarians and don’t like to be around humans. The only reason honeybees may be interested in you is they smell something sweet perhaps perfume or conditioner. Never swat at bees. If you ever see a clump of bees please make a beekeeper happy and give them a call and let them rescue the bees.

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