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honey bear

Harvested Honey Today

Harvested honey today; pulled 3 supers.  I have honey bears and cut comb honey in jars.  The cut comb honey is in glass mason jars please email me if you want a quote to ship.

swarm box

Bees in a Box

I checked on the cluster when I got home and they were gone!  I did see that they had started to draw out a bit of comb from the makeshift top. There was a lot of activity around the box but I could not tell if it was just other […]

swarm box

Bee Swarm Box Rescue Video

I came home yesterday evening and there was a swarm about 25 feet up in the Ash tree.  I moved the truck under the cluster and got out the 20 foot ladder. Putting the ladder in the truck I got enough height without needing to use the extension ladder but […]

dixie normus

Hive Swarmed Today

One of my hives swarmed today around 11:00.  I watched them pour out of the hive and form a cloud of cycloning bees.  They settled in the ancient walnut next to the driveway about 60 feet up.  I did put out small 4 frame nuk box with some frames of […]