Huge Honey Bee Swarm Rescue Brighton NY

The call came in at 8:16 while I was getting ready for work.  A gentleman by the name of John called me and he had a swarm on his front porch.  The house was about 5 miles away and I was running out of time before needed to be in the office.  I had to hope I could coax the swarm to accept a box and grab them later.  No way I could vacuum or try to curtail them into some container in a short amount of time.  I did have some drawn comb in some old frames but no time to grab any frames with brood or honey.  I found 3 frames and used some new frames added them in every-other frame.  I grabbed a spare 5 foot ladder, stuffed it into the car with the hive body and frame and was on my way.  I had also grabbed an old cardboard box and ripped it up quickly to use in order to scoop a good amount of bees into the hive body.
I placed the hive body with frames under and as close to the house as I could and scooped several clumps down into the box.  Good to see that it looked like the bees were taking to their new home immediately. Then I put the top on leaving the about a 1 inch opening for the bees to enter.  The bees were marching in fairly quickly and so I had to run to get to home change then into the office.
I check on them around 1pm and all the bees were in the box.  Bees were coming and going like they were now 100% established.  I will return at sun set with a smoker, seal them up and get them home to the bee yard.



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