Hive Swarmed Today

Dixie Normus

One of my hives swarmed today around 11:00. I watched them pour out of the hive and form a cloud of cycloning bees. They settled in the ancient walnut next to the driveway about 60 feet up. I did put out small 4 frame nuk box with some frames of old comb, a bit of honey and a few drops of lemon oil then ignored it for most of the day. Around 4:00 I looked …[more…]

Hard Working Hive

bearding bees

This is a hard working hive. Very hot and damp, the bees were out working hard today and decided to take a break out on the porch. This is my power hive. This hive swarmed out last year and was queenless so I re-queened it with a Carniolan from a guy in Ohio. You can see the results. I am going to attempt raising queens this year and this will be my breeder queen. Good …[more…]

The Maples are in Bloom

sugar maple blossom

The maples are in bloom and have opened up yesterday and I am congestion and sneezing. No sign of the basswoods blooming but still a bit early for them. The wild bees are very aggressive and Amy got stung Sunday. The Carolinian and Russians are surprisingly docile compared to the wild “American” bees. I removed the queen excluders off a few of the hives as the bees were not going up into the supers. I …[more…]

The honey supers went on today

Healthy Hive

The Forsythia blossomed here Wednesday. The shad should be running in the Hudson now. Wonder if any of the Gabrielson boys are still fishing in Nyack… Well I got on the honey supers on today. All the hives seem healthy. I also filled the feeders. Last weekend the first feeding of the season took 20 lbs of sugar and another 15 later in the week. It will be cool on and off this week and …[more…]

Welcome to the new

The New Brighton Honey Site Welcome to the new website. This will be the online path for local bee keeping questions help or if you need quick access to local beekeeping supplies and of course honey! Please check back often as I will be updating my blog with what I am doing with my bees and answering online questions. My home page will bring attention to any new developments regarding my hives and honey …[more…]