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What is Honeycomb?

A honeycomb is a structure of a hexagonal lattice of cells made from wax that honeybees use for honey storage and brood rearing. Honeycomb is a delicacy and is honey that is sealed in beeswax cells is the purest form of raw honey. The wax has little or no nutritional […]

What is local honey?

Local honey can be considered local to the region where the nectar is gathered and its source. The region is based on geography along with the tree cover and wildflower mix. Most of the nectar in the spring is from trees while the fall honey is from fall wildflowers.

Can diabetics eat honey?

Can diabetics eat honey? Although diabetics should limit their sugar intake, including honey, your doctor may tell you that honey could be a healthier choice than table sugar in a diabetic diet. Consuming honey can be a contentious issue for people with diabetes. For some, it is part of a […]

Why does honey crystallize?

Why does honey crystallize? Honey is a supersaturated solution meaning that there is more sugar dissolved in it than technically the water can hold. The high concentration of sugar makes the solution unstable and over time the sugar will precipitate out and crystallize. Only raw natural honey crystallizes.