Home Solar Monitoring System: Main Roof

I finally got around to adapting the existing scripts to crunch the data from the house. Charting solar performance data is a great way to keep track of the output from your home’s solar array. By plotting relevant metrics such as total energy output, peak hour production, and more, you’ll be able to gain an accurate picture of your system’s performance over time. If you are having trouble seeing the graphs on a mobile device switch to the full version of the site below:

Live Solar Power Generation

Updated:b>Mon Apr 22 19:51:52 202

System: Fronius primo 8.2
Description: Live Solar Power Generation
Theoretical yield: 7.480 kW
Peak Output today: 0.000 kW @ 00:00:00
Generation today: 0.000 kWh
Generation best: 38.21 kWh @ 2024-04-07
Generation YTD: 1504.311 kWh
Generation Total: 7773.437 kWh

*The graphs will auto-refresh every 5 mins See the garage output here

If you are having trouble seeing the graphs click here to request the desktop version