Offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions: Low Emissions Vehicle

Chevy Volt Rear Logo

The Chevy Volt PHEV is the ultimate melding of the technologies and perhaps currently the most practical and immediate way to offset our unavoidable CO2 emissions …[more…]

Monitoring Solar Output via MRTG

Brighton Honey Solar Array

I was successful in porting the solar inverter data to MRTG! This is accomplished with program called RRDTool developed by the author of the original MRTG. A script was needed to import the raw solar data into a database using a handy language called python. RRDTool uses a database called Round Robin Database thus the RRD. The solar inverter has the ability to “push” a file via FTP to a host at a selected …[more…]

Brighton Honey Adds Solar

Brighton Honey Solar Array

It was chilly overcast spring morning when we started. I wanted to get them installed as early in spring as possible to get a full season of sunlight. The next day the sky had cleared and the sun was shining bright on a crisp blue background. I threw the switch on the inverter and powered up the system and the capacitors started to hum. …[more…]