Welcome to the new BrightonHoney.com

The New Brighton Honey Site

Welcome to the new BrightonHoney.com website.  This will be the online path for local bee keeping questions help or if you need quick access to local beekeeping supplies and of course honey!  Please check back often as I will be updating my blog with what I am doing with my bees and answering online questions.
My home page will bring attention to any new developments regarding my hives and honey availability.  It also provides quick and easy access to my blog, Facebook page, and RSS feed including other social connect venues.
Please feel free to connect with me.  I believe it is critical for any blog to keep open communication.  You can also receive periodic e-mail updates by signing up for my e-newsletter.  And you can get the very latest updates on what I’m doing on my Facebook page.
How I Can Help? I love to talk about bees and beekeeping and am here to help in any way possible.  My wife and I love to garden and we strive to be organic committed to green living.  We recycle anything and everything including composting kitchen waste, yard waste and anything organic.  Very little goes to road for pickup unless it’s hard recyclables such as glass or plastic or other waste that cannot be recycled.
Resources: If I cannot help you directly I will try and follow up with other resource that can assist or get you more information.