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Infrared photo of exterior active hive

Hive Extraction and Equipment List with Infrared Photos

Worked another extraction this weekend for a local building management company and every time I am on one I learn to be a bit more efficient and wanted to share my list. If there is the opportunity to make a small hole first when starting and extraction this is ideal. So the trick is to annoy the aggressive bees and get them out a small hole and grab them with the vacuum right away. This time around I broke through the drywall with a small hole and kept banging on the ceiling to annoy them. I then opened a hole about 6 inches square. This really helped as the aggressive bees rushed the opening and right into the vacuum. I did get stung on the finger once but was when lifting out some comb and I pinned the bee between my finger and some comb.

Alden Frost Graham

A New Beekeeping Season is Upon Us

Even though the north east is under the barrage of a strong winter I am looking forward to a spring gardening and challenge of what the beekeeping season will bring.  Last year many beekeepers were reminded that the weather is a relentless foe and we as beekeepers in the north […]

beehives ready for winter

Winterizing Beehives 2013

The 2013 season is at an end and time to start winterizing beehives.  One of the hives is crashing. There are perhaps a few hundred bees and little or no activity on warm days now.  This is one of the Italian packages I got 2 years ago and it did […]

Honey Bear

Harvested Honey Today

Harvested honey today; pulled 3 supers.  I have honey bears and cut comb honey in jars.  The cut comb honey is in glass mason jars please email me if you want a quote to ship.