Hive Extraction and Equipment List with Infrared Photos

Infrared photo of exterior active hive

Worked another extraction this weekend for a local building management company and every time I am on one I learn to be a bit more efficient and wanted to share my list. If there is the opportunity to make a small hole first when starting and extraction this is ideal. So the trick is to annoy the aggressive bees and get them out a small hole and grab them with the vacuum right away. This time around I broke through the drywall with a small hole and kept banging on the ceiling to annoy them. I then opened a hole about 6 inches square. This really helped as the aggressive bees rushed the opening and right into the vacuum. I did get stung on the finger once but was when lifting out some comb and I pinned the bee between my finger and some comb. …[more…]

A New Beekeeping Season is Upon Us

Alden Frost Graham

Even though the north east is under the barrage of a strong winter I am looking forward to a spring gardening and challenge of what the beekeeping season will bring. Last year many beekeepers were reminded that the weather is a relentless foe and we as beekeepers in the north east need to stay diligent and manage bees for winter survival. The more organized of us are already getting ready for when and if the …[more…]

Another Swarm Rescue North Greece, NY

Swarm June 28 2014

Average sized swarm in a row of Junipers …[more…]

Huge Honey Bee Swarm Rescue Brighton NY

Honey Bee Swarm

The call came in at 8:16 while I was getting ready for work. A gentleman by the name of John called me and he had a swarm on his front porch. …[more…]

An Experiment in Thyme

thyme spice

The new hives were going to take some work in order to get ready for winter. I needed to build up the five …[more…]

Opened All the Hives

Early Spring Bees

Opened All the Hives and counted the carnage. …[more…]

Early Spring Bees After Polar Vortex

Early Spring Bees

My bees are alive at least some of them! Difficult to tell if others have made it. I ran out of battery while filming …[more…]

The Arctic Blast and Overwintering Honey bees

honeybee on mint

A brutal winter for bees and I’m sure that other beekeepers are wondering what spring holds and we will all shortly take a tally of the carnage. I am convinced that overwinter honeybee survival essentially depends on 2 things …[more…]

Winterizing Beehives 2013

beehives ready for winter

The 2013 season is at an end and time to start winterizing beehives. One of the hives is crashing. There are perhaps a few hundred bees and little or no activity on warm days now. This is one of the Italian packages I got 2 years ago and it did the same thing last year however recovered. All others showing good activity on any day it goes above 50 degrees. I was not as diligent …[more…]

Harvested Honey Today

Honey Bear

Harvested honey today; pulled 3 supers. I have honey bears and cut comb honey in jars. The cut comb honey is in glass mason jars please email me if you want a quote to ship.