Another Swarm Rescue North Greece, NY

Swarm June 28 2014

Average sized swarm in a row of Junipers …[more…]

Huge Honey Bee Swarm Rescue Brighton NY

Honey Bee Swarm

The call came in at 8:16 while I was getting ready for work. A gentleman by the name of John called me and he had a swarm on his front porch. …[more…]

An Experiment in Thyme

thyme spice

The new hives were going to take some work in order to get ready for winter. I needed to build up the five …[more…]

Opened All the Hives

Early Spring Bees

Opened All the Hives and counted the carnage. …[more…]

Early Spring Bees After Polar Vortex

Early Spring Bees

My bees are alive at least some of them! Difficult to tell if others have made it. I ran out of battery while filming …[more…]

The Arctic Blast and Overwintering Honey bees

honeybee on mint

A brutal winter for bees and I’m sure that other beekeepers are wondering what spring holds and we will all shortly take a tally of the carnage. I am convinced that overwinter honeybee survival essentially depends on 2 things …[more…]

Winterizing Beehives 2013

beehives ready for winter

The 2013 season is at an end and time to start winterizing beehives. One of the hives is crashing. There are perhaps a few hundred bees and little or no activity on warm days now. This is one of the Italian packages I got 2 years ago and it did the same thing last year however recovered. All others showing good activity on any day it goes above 50 degrees. I was not as diligent …[more…]

Harvested Honey Today

Honey Bear

Harvested honey today; pulled 3 supers. I have honey bears and cut comb honey in jars. The cut comb honey is in glass mason jars please email me if you want a quote to ship.

Bees in a Box

swarm box

I checked on the cluster when I got home and they were gone! I did see that they had started to draw out a bit of comb from the makeshift top. There was a lot of activity around the box but I could not tell if it was just other bees robbing or if the bees actually moved in. I waited for dusk and tried to get a hook around the rope. After several attempts …[more…]

Bee Swarm Box Rescue Video

I came home yesterday evening and there was a swarm about 25 feet up in the Ash tree. I moved the truck under the cluster and got out the 20 foot ladder. Putting the ladder in the truck I got enough height without needing to use the extension ladder but it was very rickety. I got a hive box ready and loaded the box with some drawn comb, some honey and a bit of lemon …[more…]